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전문가 지식자원의 활용을 위한 지식관리시스템 구축에 대한 연구


A Study on the Construction of Knowledge Management System for Utilization of Expert Knowledge Resources

전철호, 장길상

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Recently, there are many cases in which employees with work knowledge and know-how in companies or organizations retire without transferring their knowledge due to various variables in the knowledge generation process. After that, these knowledge and know-how naturally disappear in a neglected state, resulting in loss of knowledge nationally, which can weaken national competitiveness. In principle, knowledge generation is basically performed by internal employees of the company, but if it cannot be resolved internally, it is necessary to utilize external knowledge resources. Due to the retirement of employees, their expertise and know-how have already become external resources, but there is a desperate need for a system to utilize them continuously and efficiently. Therefore, in order to solve the above research problems, this paper proposes the development and utilization plan of an expert knowledge management system(EKMS) to efficiently utilize the knowledge resources of external experts including retirees.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 전문가 지식관리 시스템의 구성도
2.1. 전문가 지식관리시스템의 개념
2.2. 전문가 지식관리시스템의 구성도
Ⅲ. 전문가 지식관리시스템 분석 및 설계
3.1. 시스템 구축 절차
3.2. 시스템 분석
3.3. 시스템 설계
3.4. 시스템 구현
Ⅳ. 결론
4.1. 연구결과의 의의
4.2. 연구의 기대효과 및 시사점
4.3. 연구의 한계점 및 향후 연구방향


  • 전철호 Jeon, Cheol-Ho. 울산대학교 경영대학원 경영학전공
  • 장길상 Jang, Gil-Sang. 울산대학교 경영대학 경영정보학과 교수


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