Abstracts for Colloquium

Surface characteristics of nanocellulose and its utilization as functional materials



As an alternative to biosugar production from biomass resources, extraction of cellulose fibers is getting highlighted. Understanding of the surface morphologies and properties of nanocellulose could possibly provide valuable information for enhancing applicability of nanocellulose as a potent food- or bio- material. At first part of this talk, the surface morphologies, heterogeneity, and accessibilities changes in different types of nanocellulose such as cellulose microfibrils and cellulose nanocrystals from lignocelluosic biomass during manufacturing process were compared. At second part of this talk, after obtaining nanocellulose from Gelidium amansii, one of the representative marine biomass, the feasibility of using the nanocellulose as a anti-inflammatory material was investigated.


  • 정영훈 Young Hoon Jung. 경북대학교 식품공학부 식품생물공학과, 조교수


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