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애플리케이션 활용을 통한 작업 효율성 증가에 대한 연구


A Study on the offset press machinary’s productivities growth through control system applications


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Due to the development of digital technology, in order to copy with small quantity and mulit-product prints, a traditional printing companies are rapidly entering aggressive unit price competition. .One of the ways to actively copy with it, by utilizing the applications if the existing traditional printing equipments, which are being advanced, is intneded to strengthen unit price competitiveness, increase uniformity and accuaracy of print quality and quantify print quality. Production cost while maintaining the uniformity and accuracy of the existing print quality by utilizing a various functions as well as the function of simply passing the ink key value to the printing equipment using PPF data, one of the CIP options that we are currently using most commonly, It aims to provide opportunities for a traditional printing companies to actively seek alternatives and intensifyng unit price competition. I hope that it will help you to accurately understand the use of applications that are becoming more sophisticated, identify the advantages and disadvantages that can be obtained by using them and actively replace them. Based on an accurate understanding through the use of these applications, I hope that the introduction of digital printing equipment and the grafting of advanced technologies such as smart factories, etc., are faithfully implemented, while proactive measures are taken to quantify the print quality through objectification and standardization of print quality


1. 서론
2. 실험
3. 결과 및 고찰
3-1. 애플리케이션 활용 없이 작업자의 숙련도 의존에 따른 인쇄 결과 평가
3-2. CIP 옵션 활용 및 작업자 숙련도 의존에 따른 인쇄 결과 평가
3-3. 인쇄 장비 캘리브레이션 후 CIP 옵션 적용 및 작업자 숙련도 의존에 따른 인쇄 결과 평가
3-4. 인쇄 장비 캘리브레이션 후 CIP 옵션 사용 및 자동 측정 장비 활용에 따른 인쇄 결과 평가
4. 결론


  • 강형곤 Hyoung-gon, Kang. 신구대학교 정보미디어학부 그래픽아츠과


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