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Proposal of the Effect of Intake of Ginseng and Fermented Soybeans during Exercise Training for the Treatment of Sarcopenic Obesity


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Sarcopenic obesity phenomenon caused by body fat increase (obesity) and muscle mass decrease (sarcopenia), which is likely to occur in the aging process, is considered to be a major factor with a high possibility of causing an increase in the prevalence of metabolic and degenerative diseases along with physical function decline. Resistance exercise and endurance exercise, including regular physical activity, are considered effective methods for preventing low-muscle obesity in the aging process, but most of the elderly have difficulty relying only on exercise programs. Therefore, by performing additional nutritional intake and exercise training, which can show increased muscle mass and mitochondrial biosynthesis, not only can the effect of exercise training be further enhanced, but also the burden dependent on exercise training can be minimized. From this point of view, the possibility of preventing sarcopenic obesity through additional intake of ginseng and fermented soybeans during exercise training during the aging process was suggested. Additional intake of ginseng extract is effective in preventing aging-related diseases and reducing aging-related oxidative stress by increasing SIRT1 expression in tissues. Fermented soybeans inhibit muscle breakdown and promote synthesis, making them suitable as a protein source for the elderly, and are known to be effective in arteriosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, and senile dementia. Therefore, an effective treatment method for preventing sarcopenic obesity through additional intake of ginseng and fermented soybeans that can expect ergogenic effects along with exercise training was proposed.


I. 서론
Ⅱ. 본 론
1. 운동트레이닝과 미토콘드리아 생합성 효과
2. 인삼 추출물 섭취 효과
3. 발효 콩 추가섭취 효과
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  • 김기진 Kim, Ki-Jin. 계명대학교


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