日本社会における新韓流文化の享受構造の 変化について


On the change in the enjoyment structure of the New Korean culture in Japanese society - With the Habitus Dialectic as a clue -


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This study shows that the traditional relationship between idol stars and fans, which can be explained based on the Habitus dialectic, no longer holds in the system of fandom’s cultural consumption in K-POP, which is typical of the “Shin Hallyu” boom. It is starting from that position. And, also the traditional patronage culture of Japan argue that in the habitus dialectic of categories, have been discussed about its features while comparing with the BTS of ARMY Among the fandom of K-POP. As a result, it is possible to confirm that it is the content of “Shin Hanryu” which is dominant in Japan, It was pointed out that the K-POP fandom’s global propensity for cultural consumption is also apparent in Japanese fandoms. In other words, being a prosumer who produces endless information and content that goes beyond just buyers and supporters, and has the sense of unity that makes you feel like a friend or family climbing to Stardom together, Seeking higher morals with the same values, and consuming culture in real-time streaming with no content owned. As described above, the mechanism of sharing and consuming culture in a new way is a characteristic that could not be found in the relationship between idol stars and fans. From now on, it can be expected that the concept of fandom or fansummer and the consumption form of streaming will evolve further.


1. はじめに
2. ピエール・ブルデューのハビトゥス理論と新韓流
3. K-POPとBTS(防弾少年団)
3.1 K-POPのグローバル化
3.2 BTS成功の意味
3.3 ファンダムの機能
3.3.1 BTSのファンダムARMYの活動
4. 新韓流ファンダム文化と日本の伝統的な後援文化との相違
5. おわりに


  • 権赫仁 권혁인. 光云大学校 インゼニウム学部大学 副教授, 日本古典文学


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