일본문학과 부산 관광콘텐츠


Japanese Literature and Busan Tourism Contents

윤일, 손동주, 김상규, 신종대

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The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a direct blow to the tourism industry in Busan. With most air routes being abolished, promotions such as fairs and conferences to attract foreign tourists are virtually impossible. Busan is entering a stage where the tourism industry is being destroyed by the lack of tourists, most notably from Japan and China which account for the majority of foreign tourists. Recognizing the recent seriousness, the Busan Institute released a study that said, “The Busan tourism industry should make public-private cooperative tourism products in the short term.” In Busan, Haeundae Beach has been the stage for numerous novels and movies in addition to literary works mentioned through research and has qualitative and quantitative resources for Busan's tourism content to be comparable to the case of Atami, Japan. Korean Wave video tourism is still being carried out on the back of the Korean Wave craze. However, literary-based tourism has a longer period of influence than visual tourism content found in movies and videos. As seen in Atami, Japan, it has the advantage of not ending up as a temporary phenomenon. In Atami, even if there isn’t an explosive trend like “Winter Sonata,” it has storytelling that can be consistently provided to domestic and foreign consumers. Besides, regional “cultural archetypes” are more diverse than other genres depending on the characteristics of the literary works. It is self-evident that the forms of tourism in the era of individualism, such as the “alone tribe,” “home shopping,” and “Zipcoc,” will change to unpredictable levels of individual tourism due to Corona-19. It is urgent to develop marine tourism content in Busan that can spread to personal and social media like blogs and YouTube.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 이론적 배경
Ⅲ. 일본문학의 관광콘텐츠 적용사례
제1장. 오자키 고요(尾崎 紅葉)의 『곤지키야샤』(金色夜叉)
제2장. 부산 관광콘텐츠 적용 방안
Ⅳ. 결론


  • 윤일 YOON, il. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수
  • 손동주 SON, dongju. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수
  • 김상규 KIM, sanggyu. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수
  • 신종대 申宗大. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수


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