언어네트워크 분석을 활용한 익산 서동축제에 대한 소셜미디어 사용자들의 인식에 관한 연구


A Study on the Social Media Users' Perception of Iksan Seodong Festival Using Big Data Analysis

장성빈, 이희승

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The festival quickly became a tourist attraction in the tourism market because it is relatively easy to develop programs and has a great impact on enhancing the image of tourist destinations. Local governments are actively using the festival as a means to create regional brand values and various added value, while enhancing regional competitiveness, helping to revitalize the local economy. In particular, local festivals generate regional income by using festivals such as promoting local areas, attracting tourists, and promoting special products as promotional opportunities, so festivals to enhance economic effects in many regions are being planned and held, and the number of such festivals is gradually increasing. In this study, utilizing big data analysis methods for texts being communicated on social media about the local festival Iksan Seodong Festival will help present the direction of the continuous and strategic Iksan Seodong Festival and shift the paradigm considering future changes in tourism environment. In addition, it is expected that the basic data will be the basis for establishing strategies to promote the Iksan Seodong Festival, and that the big data produced online will provide directions and useful directions on how to use it for research on the Iksan Seodong Festival and provide new methodologies. For the public visiting Iksan, the venue of the Seodong Festival, which is the venue of the Seodong Festival, the development of customized tourism products that can satisfy the needs and desires of social media users visiting Iksan even if it is not during the Iksan Seodong Festival, operation and management measures are needed to improve the satisfaction of social media users visiting the Iksan Seodong Festival, and a series of space creation and planning to utilize the venue throughout the year.


Ⅰ. 서론
II. 이론적 배경
1. 언어네트워크 분석
2. 지역축제
Ⅲ. 조사설계
1. 분석대상 및 자료수집
2. 연구절차
Ⅳ. 분석결과
1. `축제` 관련 논문 주요 키워드 빈도분석 및 연결중심성 결과
2. `축제` 관련 논문 주요 키워드 N-Gram 분석 결과
3. `축제` 관련 논문 주요 키워드 전체 네트워크 분석
Ⅴ. 결론


  • 장성빈 Seongbin Jang. 호남대학교 대학원 호텔관광학과 호텔경영전공 박사과정
  • 이희승 Heeseung Lee. 호남대학교 호텔경영학과 교수


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