A Study on the Safe and Educational Plans of Field Experience Learning Such As School Trip : A Study on the Safety Manual for Field Experience Learning in Sejong City Office of Education


Chang Gil Kim

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Although field experience learning such as school trips is emphasized at the school site through the 2015 revised curriculum, it often ends with customary events due to problems such as safety issues. Accordingly, this study attempted to explore alternatives to that. A lot of accidents, such as the Sewol ferry accident in 2014, occurred during the field experience study operation. Therefore, by analyzing the “Safe and Educational Operation Manual of Field Experience Learning such as School Trips” of the Sejong City Office of Education, we explored student safety measures that ensure the safety of field experience learning. As a result, in order to ensure the safety of field-experience learning, it is necessary to additionally allocate experts in charge of experiential learning to the (South and North) School Support Center to perform school support work. Also, field experience learning should be operated in a small-scale and tema-type to proceed safely and educationally. Finally, local governments and 17 provincial superintendents' councils should work together to develop and disseminate field experience learning programs.


Field experience learning from an educational perspective
Concept and necessity of field experience learning
Theoretical background of field experience learning such as school trips
Analyzing safety manual of field experience learning from Sejong City Office of Education
Operation direction and criteria of field experience learning
Main principles and compliance in operating procedures
Measures on improvement for the operationof field experience learning such as safe school trip
Problems in the current safety manual
Improvement measures


  • Chang Gil Kim Department of Fire Safety Management, Mokwon University, 88 Doanbuk-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea


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