해외여행자에 대한 문화관광 동기의 유형화 : 질적 메타분석을 중심으로


The Classification of Cultural Tourism Motivation on Overseas Traveler : Focused on Qualitative Meta-Analysis

오정근, 임형택

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The aim of this study is promoting analysis in depth through qualitative meta-analysis to classify overseas travelers’s cultural tourism motivations. Qualitative meta-analysis is used because the methodology is analytical research method intends to understand and explain the phenomenons with comparison, interpretation, analysis on individual qualitative studies. Accordingly, authors made use 6 steps as selection of research topic: search & selection, categorization of main concept, classification by common factors, systematization by key concept and interpretation & synthesis of results. Qualitative meta-analysis results on 6 selected articles showed 7 classifications of cultural tourism motivations, including ‘different culture experience through interaction’, ‘pursuit of knowledge through learning and experience’, ‘self-development and self-discovery’, ‘breakaway from everyday life’, ‘rest and isolation’, ‘consensus formation’ and ‘free schedule’. There are multi-meanings when overseas travelers pursuit cultural tourism motivations. Especially, it is includes main meanings such as ‘intercultural exchange meaning’ which is categorized by 6 studies and ‘leaning meaning’ which is categorized by 4 studies. As a conclusion, contemporary cultural tourists pursuit multi-purposes travel as cultural exchange, learning, rest and good fellowship. Therefore, tourism policy and tourism product development, based on motivations of these multi-purposes travel is needed. In particular, tourism product development to have both low-crowding and high-satisfaction is demanded to cope with greatly altered cultural tourism behavior after COVID-19 pandemic.


I. 서론
II. 이론적 고찰
1. 해외여행의 특성과 해외여행자의 분류 및 성향
2. 관광동기와 문화관광 관련 동기
3. 질적 메타분석
III. 연구방법
1. 연구방법 및 과정
2. 연구 주제 선정 및 자료 수집
IV. 분석 결과
1. 연구대상 내용 세부 정리
2. 개별요소 비교분석 및 공통요소 유형화
3. 해외여행자 문화관광 동기 개념 체계화
V. 결론 및 논의


  • 오정근 Oh, Jeong-Keun. 서울연구원 도시경영연구실 부연구위원
  • 임형택 Lim, Hyung-Taek. 선문대학교 글로벌관광학과 교수


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