Characteristics of Lifestyle Television in Korea


한국 라이프스타일 텔레비전 특성 연구


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This research attempts to investigate the ways in which Women’s Television in Korea imagines and promotes Western(ized) lifestyles as ideal ones in its highly popular format-i.e., local celebrities travelling across Western cultural borders. Specifically, this study looks into the ways in which the concept of lifestyle is constantly re-defined and re-worked according to the interests of the highly competitive local media industry and of global marketers such as Samsung. In the process, the major characteristics of Korean lifestyle television will be delineated and discussed in detail. Secondly, it examines the ways in which popular discourses of the refined, trendy, urban lifestyles are consistently constructed not just in lifestyle programming but also through the diverse lifestyle marketing practices and promotional discourses of the sponsors. In so doing, this work will finally touch upon another critical issue of today’s mediatized society -the colonization and commodification of the popular imagination that are constantly at work along the global/regional/local nexus. By using the semiotic as well as discursive analyses in cross-examining the specific Korean lifestyle programs, we may be able to make sense of the hybrid nature of lifestyle programs as well as the over-determined identities of lifestyle channels in Korea that are gaining grounds rapidly in the local television content market.


본 연구에서는 한국 라이프스타일 텔레비전의 특성을 연구하기 위해 ‘여성 텔레비전’(Women’s Television) 혹은 여성 전문 케이블 채널들이 서구적인/서 구화된 라이프스타일을 가장 이상적인 라이프스타일로 상상하고 판촉하는 구 체적인 방식들 -예를 들면 스타와 함께 서구 사회의 문화적 경계를