Session Ⅳ : 東北亜歴史



A study of Control over the river that border two districts in the Middle Ages

金子哲, 朴花珍

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In Harima Province(播磨国) during the Kamakura period, Harima-Syugosyo(播磨守護所)─ the office of the governor of the Kamakura Shogunate side was in Kakogawa Village(加古川村). The village was on the left side of the main stream of Kakogawa River and faced it. Most of the left bank of Kakogawa belonged to Kako-gun District(加古郡). However, this village belonged to Innami-gun District(印南郡), which is located on the right side of the Kakogawa River. The clue to think about the reason is Kunikane Village(国包村). Kunikane Village was also on the left side of the main stream of Kakogawa River, facing it, and belonged to Innami-gun District(印南郡). Kakogawa Village is the point where Chikushi-Daidou Highway(筑紫大道) crosses the river, and Kunikane Village is the point where Yunoyama-Kaidou Highway(筑紫大道) crosses the river. These two highway were extremely important highway for the nation. This shows that Innami-gun District had control over Kakogawa River. The same conclusion can be drawn from the Hoon-ji Temple documents(報恩寺文書) in Kakogawa City. Some powers in Innami-gun District sought to influence Kako-gun District through control over Kakogawa River. Because Harima-Syugosyo was on the left side of Kakogawa River and was located in Innami-gun District, Harima Syugo(播磨守護)─ the governor of the Kamakura Shogunate side of Harima Province had strong control over the eastern bank of Kakogawa and influence over Kakogawa


1. 郡による河川支配権と、対岸渡河集落
2. 印南郡による加古川支配権と、左岸への浸潤
3. 印南郡に守護所が所在する効果


  • 金子哲 김자철. 兵庫大学
  • 朴花珍 박화진. 釜慶大學校


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