아파트 거주자의 커뮤니티와 주거만족도 간의 인과관계


Correlation between the Apartment Resident Community and Housing Satisfaction

김명희, 공하성

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This study aims to determine the correlation between the apartment resident community and housing satisfaction and suggest which factors can contribute to improving the local community’s housing environment and satisfaction by means of the local inhabitants and apartment residents participating in co-managing the community. The study results are as follows. Firstly, the apartment resident community had a positive effect on housing satisfaction but the effects were insignificant. This revealed that residents’ interest in communicating with the resident community was low due to various organizations such as the women’s association, election committee, and autonomous society being used as means to pursue personal gain rather than the development of the entire apartment. Secondly, the vitalization of the apartment resident community had a positive effect on housing satisfaction. The analysis results showed that the higher the level of unity and volunteering activities of residents, the more improved the resident vitalization programs are being managed, and the higher the level of resident participation, the higher the housing satisfaction. Lastly, this study suggests the supplementation and upgrading of apartment community facilities into complex community facilities as a means to unify the residents and vitalize the resident community. To vitalize the resident community and strengthen the community spirit, the residents will need to voluntarily create a community hub by forming community-tailored associations and programs through connections with local governments and businesses.


1. 서 론
2. 이론적 배경
2.1 주거만족도
2.2 커뮤니티
3. 연구 설계
3.1 연구 가설
3.2 연구대상
3.3 측정도구
4. 연구결과 및 가설검정
4.1 기초통계량 분석
4.2 커뮤니티와 주거만족도 상관분석
4.3 다중회귀분석
4.4 가설 검증
5. 결론 및 제언
6. References


  • 김명희 Myung-Hee, Kim. 우석대학교 일반대학원 소방방재학과 박사과정
  • 공하성 Ha-Sung Kong. 우석대학교 소방방재학과 교수


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