피난안전성을 위한 요양병원의 층별 환자배치에 대한 최적화방안


Optimization Method for Patient Placement by Floor in Elderly Care Hospital for Evacuation Safety

이홍상, 공하성

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This study analyzed the appropriate placement method by floor for evacuating all occupants during the nighttime through evacuation simulation. The analysis results are as follows. First, when non-self evacuating patients were placed on the first floor, 266 patients and 6 workers were found to be evacuated after 460 seconds. This result shows that it is meaningful to place non-self evacuating patients on the lower floor with a time that is faster than 540 seconds, which is an evaluation criterion set using life Safety standards for human. This result is a time faster than the evaluation criteria of 540 seconds, which is set using the life safety standards, and it can be confirmed that it is meaningful to place non-self evacuating patients on the lower floor. Next, as a result of placing non-self evacuating patients from the first floor to the fourth floor, it was found that evacuation of all occupants required 460 seconds for the first floor, 834 seconds for the second floor, 1,508 seconds for the third floor, and 1,915 seconds for the fourth floor. These results indicate that the placement of non-self evacuating patients on the rest of the floors, except for the first floor, can lead to dangerous results in excess of 540 seconds, which is a flashover time. As a result, it is necessary to place non-self evacuating patients on a lower floor for safe evacuation. The study has limitations except for comparative analysis of changes in evacuation time due to changes in the number of workers at eldery care hospitals and situations in which fire-fighting facilities such as sprinkler facilities operated. It is necessary to study the evacuation time linked to the operation of the fire-fighting facilities and the evacuation time according to the change in the number of workers in the future.


1. 서 론
2. 피난시뮬레이션
2.1 시설개요
2.2 환자 수에 따른 야간 근무자 수
2.3 재실자의 배치
2.4 재실자의 신체적 특성
2.5 재실자의 행동특성
2.6 시나리오의 구성 및 피난개시시간의 설정
2.7 평가기준
3. 결과 및 고찰
3.1 시나리오 1에 따른 피난시간
3.2 시나리오 2에 따른 피난시간
3.3 시나리오 3에 따른 피난시간
3.4 시나리오 4에 따른 피난시간
4. 결 론
5. References


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