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Research & Development on the Scaffolding for Cylindrical Desulfurizers Facility Maintenance

이광길, 김우곤, 엄석호, 강철민, 강정기, 오철석, 서주식, 김경재, 박종인, 장몽룡, 김무성, 김대년, 정수호

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The desulfurizers facility is cylindrical shape. To operate properly it needs nozzles cleaned, get rid of lime adhesion and sludge, repair the wear and corrosion of facility regularly. For this purpose, workers shall access the ceiling or vertical wall at high place. Ordinary scaffoldings such as steel pipe scaffolding or system scaffolding have been using so that workers can access them. With these ordinary scaffoldings, openings around cylindrical wall are inevitable which make workers can expose always to the risk of falling. The purpose of this study is to develop customized scaffolding to minimize the openings to prevent workers form falling during maintenance it. It consists of a hexagonal central tower and six trapezoidal outer towers. And the bracing among the towers have connected each other for self-standing and for maintaining the structure of towers. Span decks, the circumference footstools, steps, etc. are laid on each floor. The safety is reviewed by structural analysis and performance test. With this study, openings each floor of this scaffold are removed. The gap between the cylindrical wall and the edge of the work stage is approximately 100 mm. Therefore, we expect that workers can work safely and efficiently.


1. 서 론
1.1 연구배경 및 목적
1.2 연구 범위 및 방법
2. 본론
2.1 단위비계 개발
2.2 타워설계
2.3 부재개발 및 성능시험
3. 구조체의 안전성 검토
3.1 구조검토 개요
3.2 모델링 개요
3.3 안전성 검토
4. 결론 및 고찰
5. References


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