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A Public Perception Study on the new word “Corona Blue” : Focusing on Social Media Big Data Analysis




The purpose of this study is to contribute to the provision of basic data for psychological quarantine policy and counseling by examining the public perception of the “corona blue” phenomenon through analysis of social media big data. To do this, key words related to the word 'Corona Blue' were derived and analyzed using the big data analysis program 'Textom'. As a result of the analysis, words such as 'Corona 19', 'depression', 'problem' and 'overcome' were derived as key words. For the analysis results,“pride and awarenes as the public perception of Corona 19”, “depression and anxiety as a group trauma as the corona blue phenomenon”, “spreading a psychological quarantine culture and demanding social healing as the perception of overcoming corona Blue,” and “hope for return to daily life and changes in daily life as the perception of post corona” were discussed. In conclusion, we have identified the need for active psychological support from the community By revealing that Corona Blue is a depression as a group trauma. At this time, it is confirmed that it is necessary to prioritize social healing and psychological quarantine for the main risk groups such as youth or the vulnerable, who are the socially weak.


1. Introduction
2. Research Method
2.1 Social Media Big Data Analysis
2.2. Analysis Overview
2.3. Analysis Procedures
3. Results
3.1.Key Words and Fequencies Related to 'Corona Blue'
3.2. N-gram Analysis Result
3.3.Word Importance (TFIDF) and Word Similarity (Euclidean Coefficient)
4. Discussion
4.1. Public Perception of the COVID-19 Outbreak: Pride and Awarenes
4.2. The Phenomenon of Corona Blue: Depression and Anxiety as a Group Trauma
4.3. Perception of Overcoming Corona Blue: Spreading a Psychological Quarantine Culture and Demanding Social Healing
4.4. Perceptions of the Post Corona: Hope for Return to Daily Life and Changes in Daily Life
5. Conclusion


  • Myung Suk, Ann Associate Prof., Dept. of theology, SeoulJangsin Univ., Korea


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