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A Study on the Present Perfect Used in News Reports


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We analyzed the distribution pattern and the tense connection pattern of the present perfect used in news reports, and found the following results. First, in the distribution research, the percentages (CNN: 8.12%, YHN: 8.65%) of the present perfect were higher than those in other genres, confirming that the present perfect is rather frequently used in the news report genre. Second, the present perfect was used not only in the Lead text for introducing hot news, but also in the middle for further explanation and in the end for conclusion. Third, in the research of the tense connection, although the present perfect was linked to various tenses, the present perfect was found to be connected most frequently to a tense specifically corresponding to the GPT (Given Primary Time) of each data set. In the CNN data, the present perfect was most frequently connected to its GPT, the simple present, highlighting on-site communications and immediateness of reporting more appropriately as a proximal deictic tense. In the Yonhap News data, the present perfect was connected most often to its GPT, the simple past, conveying more distance, formality, and objectivity of reporting as a distal deictic tense. Thus, the present perfect seems to be connected most frequently to a specific tense that is pragmatically chosen as GPT according to the reporting strategy of each news agency.


I. 서론
II. 선행 연구
III. 연구 결과 및 논의
1. 현재완료의 분포유형 분석
2. 현재완료의 시제연결 분석
IV. 결론
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