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해방기 동인지 『백맥』 고찰


A Study on 『baengmaek』 that is a literary coterie magazine in the liberation period


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The purpose of this paper 『baengmaek 』 . to consider about the nature of the 『baengmaek』 was liberated from Japanese colonial rule, first a literary novels, poems, in general consumer magazine review, props, such as organized.to exist But 『baengmaek』 is interspecies arc into the first issue did not get any attention. But 『baengmaek』 was of good writers love literature, in many ideological confrontation and Western culture, and opens a window of opportunity for the new literature, To pursue the spirit. In this regard, South Korea left valuable as an inheritance in literary history. Therefore, 『baengmaek』 is our important can be seen as a magazine in literary history. First of all, 『baengmaek』 the image. Poetic targets on young artists are a normal nature image, and expressed a sense of something inside themselves. Typically can lift jeong han mo and kim yun seong The two authors 『baengmaek』 the 『sitap』 the lyric poet to heavyweight. They have profound philosophical reasons for the deployment by a natural image. kim yun seong with nature is infinite, and this transcendent quality and human nature for a finite life more wonderful as space which is full of vitality. Jeong han mo ordinary country at the time through the nature of the low-key look to look at the reality effort. Secondly, 『baengmaek』 gloomy express the emotion of the city in the parts. The streets at night are depressed to the author of the city made sentimental captions and solitude. The city is forced by the Japanese city, and that city was produced relative deprivation. In this regard are as a writer more around the city without its own sense of purpose and for changing the sentiments of lonely. Finally, 『baengmaek』 free the first to express the joy of liberation as general consumer magazine art and literature, although that has largely free of way that we see the lack of self-control. Maybe emancipation of liberation is not a truly independent and other pain is being produced. This is made at low-key events with the liberation, as a writer. The writer is universal agreement among victim and perpetrator is a sense of liberation is restrained him and, therefore, was forced to have eye contact.


Ⅰ. 서론  : 『백맥』의 문학사적 의의 및 문제 제기
Ⅱ. ‘자연’ 이미지를 통한 서정성 탐구 - 김윤성, 정한모의 경우
Ⅲ. 도시의 우울한 감성과 고독의 심미성 - 강허소, 목영철, 김시원의 경우
Ⅳ. ‘해방’에 대한 다양한 시선- 윤석범, 구경서의 경우
Ⅴ. 결론


  • 양소영 Yang, so-young. 충북대학교 창의융합교육본부 초빙교수


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