Policy for Promoting Safety Education Designed to Create Safe Society: Focusing on Fire Safety Educator


Jee Eun Kim, Sang Ho Park, Sang Il Ryu

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In order to meet public expectation amid rising demand for safety caused by frequent safety-related accidents and the occurrence of expanding and complex disasters, the importance of safety education designed to help people develop abilities for survival from fire and disasters as well as for protecting both you and other people. This article aims to seek ways to promote safety education policies using standardized manuals and the Fire Safety Educator led by the Fire Fighting Department in charge of public safety on the front. Currently the South Korean government employ fire fighters using a standardized manual for national safety education and the Fire Safety Educator. It is essential to continue efforts to reinforce safety awareness across the nation. In addition, the government needs to provide assistance to continue developing and studying safety education and relevant practice programs that enables people to be familiar with the standardized manual guided by the Fire Safety Educator.


Background and Objective
Safety Education and Fire Safety Instructors
Safety Education-related Acts
Reality of Safety Education
Reality of Educational Programs
Reality of Safety Education Experience Programs
Ways to Promote Safety Education Policies


  • Jee Eun Kim Department of Public Administration, Chungbuk National University
  • Sang Ho Park Department of Law, Dong-Eui University
  • Sang Il Ryu Department of Fire Administration and Disaster Management, Dong-Eui University


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