에어프라이어의 화재사례와 재현실험을 통한 화재위험성 분석


Fire Risk Analysis through Airfryer’s Fire Cases and Reproduction Experiments

이정일, 조명식

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This paper recognizes the risk of ignition of air fryer (machine that can cook fried dishes with hot air without oil) that is far exceeding the sales rate of microwave ovens, which is necessary to modern household kitchen, and identifies fire risk through the operation principle of the process of heat transfer, and the main structure of the machine. The fire test that we conducted is to observe the risk of ignition of the machine due to the damage to the safety system and the possibility of igniting oil paper along with food, to experiment with the possibility of ignition due to blockage of the exhaust due to obstacles, and accumulation of oil stains on the hot wire, and to present the method of fire control and devise countermeasures.


1. 서론
2. 에어프라이어의 이론적 배경
2.1 에어프라이어의 원리
2.2 에어프라이어의 구조
2.3 에어프라이어의 안전장치
2.4 에어프라이의 선행연구
3. 화재사례 및 분석
3.1 화재 사례
3.2 화재사례분석
3.3 화재사례 검토
4. 에어프라이어 발화위험성 실험
4.1 실험개요
4.2 실험방법
5. 재현실험
5.1 정상상태 동작 실험
5.2 온도 센서 고장 시 동작 실험
5.3 후드 배출구 막힘 시 발화 실험
5.4 코드선의 압착 단락 실험
5.5 내부 기름때 축적에 따른 발화 실험
6. 결론
7. References


  • 이정일 Jung-Il Lee. 중앙소방학교
  • 조명식 Myeng-Sik Jo. 공주소방서


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