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A Study on Noise in Waste Facilities

서병석, 박노국, 전용한

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Industrial facilities need design to predict and reduce noise from design to prevent and reduce noise. The purpose of this study is to predict worker's environment and evaluate safety by analyzing noise inside underground blower room and air compressor room with fluid machinery in waste facility. This waste incineration facility was analyzed based on the ground floor, ground floor blower chamber, and air compressor chamber. The results of SPL(Sound Pressure Level) analysis at 1.5m away, which are frequently used to measure the SPL as a noise source, are as follows. SPL of basement level: 46.80[dB], SPL of ground layer: 48.57[dB]. As a result, it was expected that the noise level would be considerably lower than the 8 hours 50[dB] noise exposure per day.


1. 서론
2. 연구방법
3. 판정기준
4. 분석결과
4.1 송풍기실 사업장 내부 소음해석
4.2 공기 압축기실 및 송풍기실 내부 소음해석
5. 결론
6. References


  • 서병석 Byung-Suk Seo. 상지대학교 정보보안학과
  • 박노국 Ro-Gook Park. 상지대학교 경영정보학과
  • 전용한 Yong-Han Jeon. 상지대학교 소방공학과


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