Awareness and Necessity of Registered Dentist Program for Children and Adolescents




Background: The program aims to enable the participants to receive oral health care with sustainability and give them the choice and prior autonomy of dental practitioners while enhancing the benefits of sustainability. The purpose of this study is to investigate the necessity, awareness, and satisfaction of the implementation of the registered dentist program for children and adolescents, and to promote the introduction of RDPCA. Methods: The survey targeted adult residents in their 20s or older who live in Seoul, an area that continuously implements the RDPCA system, especially in the cities of Cheonan and Asan Results: 79.7% were the most unaware. However, RDPCA participants were significantly more aware than nonparticipants. When surveying the desire to participate in RDPCA, 96.6% of the respondents said they would ‘participate’ in the non-RDPCA participate group. The analysis of the satisfaction level of the RDPCA received by their children indicated that 48.6% expressed their satisfaction, and 47.3% said they were healthy. There was a high percentage of people who said they would recommend RDPCA to others as well as a high rate of those who said they would continue to use RDPCA. Conclusions: The reality is that the awareness and implementation of RDPCA are low. For the development of oral health care programs for all children and adolescents in Korea, and the improvement of the satisfaction level of the dental care system, there should be an active consideration of high-quality programs and.


1. Introduction
2. Materials and methods
2.1. Study participants
2.2. Study design
2.3. Statistical analysis
3. Results
4. Discussion


  • 최용금 Yong-Keum Choi. 선문대학교 건강보건대학 치위생학과 및 유전체 기반 바이오IT 융합연구소
  • 김미선 Mi-Sun Kim. 경동대학교 치위생학과
  • 정수라 Su-Ra Jeong. 이화여자대학교 신산업융합대학 융합보건학과
  • 류다영 Da-Young Ryu. 혜전대학교 치위생과
  • 김은정 Eun-Jeong Kim. 서울대학교 치학연구소


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