OTT(Over-the-Top) 서비스 정기 구독 선택에 관한 연구 : 서비스 체감품질을 중심으로


A Study on the Selection of Subscription Model in Using OTT(Over-the-Top) Services : Focused on the Effect of the QoE(Quality of Experience)

박지은, 박광태

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The purpose of this study is to identify the characteristics related to the subscription model which is one of the revenue models of OTT(Over-the-Top) service, and to suggest practical implications for the revenue model of OTT service by finding detailed service quality factors. Even with the recent revitalization of the OTT service market, there are not many studies on the quality of service which is an important factor in the quality of broadcasting and telecommunications services. In particular, the subscription model with monthly payment to use the service has a price fatigue on the user. To this end, we look into the impact of price fatigue on the quality of experience, and we find the causal relationship of the adoption of subscription model. To measure the quality of satisfaction we use four items which are contents, quality of the screen, sound and user intrface(UI)/user experience(UX). Factors for the price burden which are payment system, payment cost and payment method are considered. Factors for measuring quality of experience(QoE) which are quality of experience of the subscription model and the satisfaction compared with other models(Advertising model, Video on Deman(VoD)) are also considered. The data was obtained from online survey for about 300 people. Regression analysis is used for analysis to find the relationship between independent variables and dependent variable. Contents, sound quality and UI/UX of service satisfaction showed significant results with QoE. All three factors of service fatigue had significant results with QoE. QoE had relationship with the selection of the subscription model. Especially, the satisfaction level compared to other models is related with the selection of subscription models.


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  • 박지은 Jieun Park. 고려대학교 경영대학 석사
  • 박광태 Kwangtae Park. 고려대학교 경영대학 교수


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