A Disciplinary Unconscious of World Literature : A Joycean Case


세계문학의 학제적 무의식—제임스 조이스의 경우

Seongho Yoon

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This article examines how the presence of certain intra-national and extra-national forces of affiliation and disaffiliation inherent in reconsidering James Joyce through the lens of world literature might challenge us to look anew at texts, the world, and our disciplinary practices of research and teaching to understand the interconnected complexities of the Joycean world. I diagnose the tug-of-war between openness and vigilance as both symptomatic and determining of a disciplinary unconscious of world literature, from which self-reflexivity, I argue, is required for both the core and periphery of world literature as a means of building a home for Joyce studies in and through world literature—a home lived as a relationship and tension, begetting its own negation and open to counter-meanings and other knowledges.


이 논문은 세계문학의 관점에서 조이스 문학을 바라볼 수 있는 가능성 을 진단한다. 세계문학에 대한 논의가 가져온 새로운 이론적 가능성과 한계를 검토하 고 이를 통해 세계문학의 지도에서 조이스 문학의 좌표가 어떻게 새겨질 수 있는지 살펴본다. 결론적으로 이 논문은 세계문학의 개방성과 폐쇄성에 대한 자기반영적 성찰 을 통해 세계문학 연구의 학제적 무의식을 밝힌다.


우리말 요약
I. Leading Questions
II. What Is World Literature, What Is Not World Literature
III. A Disciplinary Unconscious of World Literature
Works cited


  • Seongho Yoon 윤성호. Professor of English in the Department of English, Hanyang University.


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