A Study on the Legislation of the United States and Japan for Climate Change Adaptation - Focused on the U.S.'s Legal Aid and Japan's Climate Change Adaptation Act -


Kim, Min Chul

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This study is about legislation in the United States and Japan to adapt to climate change. The United States has withdrawn from the climate change negotiation and is known to be more passive than EU countries in compliance with international human rights on climate change. Also, Japan has been known for its lack of human rights protection for vulnerable local residents and workers in its post- Fukushima recovery measures. In this study, legal issues related to climate change adaptation were studied in the United States and Japan. In the U.S., the Climate Change Adaptation Act has also been developed by each state. As for human rights related to climate change adaptation, it follows the theories and judgments of international organizations. The U.S. will also be forced to comply with international human rights laws and international environmental standards. Recently, there have been cases in the U.S. that recognize the government and businesses' responsibility for climate change. And human rights organizations in the U.S. are also petitioning for human rights related to climate change. In particular, the U.S. citizen can file various types of lawsuits related to climate change. Foreigners can also file lawsuits for illegal activities. In the case of Japan, the 2018 Climate Change Adaptation Act made it easier for the government to pursue policies to cope with climate change. Japan's enactment of the Climate Change Adaptation Act and its provision of support for civilian activities or disaster relief are aimed at protecting people's human rights from climate change. Also, the emphasis on private participation and regional cooperation can be seen as a human rights-oriented factor.


Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Human Rights Related to Climate Change Adaptation
1. Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Human Rights
2. Climate change adaptation and its related international human rights and United States' climate change adaptation law
3. Trends in United States' climate change legislation
Ⅲ. Legal Remedies for Climate Change Adaptation Lawsuit in US
1. Dispute resolution mechanism for resolving human rights issues
2. Climate Change Claims Based on the Theory of Illegal Activities
3. Diversification of the types of climate change litigation : Constitution, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Company Law
IV. Climate Change Adaptation Act in Japan
1. Climate Change and Human Rights in Japan
2. History of Japan's Law on Pollution Prevention
3. Enactment of the Climate Change Adaptation Act and It’s Contents
4. Proposal for the Adaptation of Climate Change Act in Japan
Ⅴ. Conclusion


  • Kim, Min Chul Green Technology Center, senior researcher/ Ph.D


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