한국 대중문화 속의 일본 괴묘담


A Japanese Ghost Cat Story in Korea Pop Culture


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This study is to find Japanese cat ghosts hiding in Korean folktales and movies. As a result, the forms of folktales were collected from Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do and Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, and the form of horror in the film appeared in Lee Yong Min’s 「A bloodthirsty killer」, Shin Sang-ok’s 」A Ghost Story Of Joseon Dynasty」, and Kim In-su’s 「Public Cemetery of Grudges (1983)」, Kim Young-Han’s 「The Headless Murderess 」(1985). One thing they have in common is that 「Cat eats its owner’s blood and become ghosts taking its owner’s revenge.」This ghost story is not found in the classics and folk tales of China, Jurchen, and Korea, but a motif that is easily found in Japan. Therefore, it can be seen that its origin is Japan. While the folktale was formed under the absolute influence of the ghost story of Nabeshima in Japan, Lee Yong-min’s 「A bloodthirsty killer」 in 1965 employed the elements of 「The Ghost of Yotsuya」 and 「The Five Great Cats of Japan.」 In other words, Japan’s ghost cat has crossed the sea to come to Korea. There is a painful history that our modernization begins through Japan. Through such a historical environment and experience, the Japanese cat ghost was established and gained citizenship in our Pop culture.




1. 머리말
2. 민담에서 발견한 일본의 괴묘
3. 한국영화 속의 일본 괴묘
4. 한중의 괴묘와 한국영화
5. 마무리



  • 노성환 No, SungHwan. 울산대학교 인문대학 일본어·일본학과 교수, 비교민속학


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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