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An Econometric Study of Job Aspiration Effect on the Job Satisfaction using Korean Working Condition Survey

이재희, 임성준, 박진백

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The purpose of this study was to measure the job aspiration and examine the relationship between that and job satisfaction for wage-earners using the fourth Korean Working Conditions Survey(KWCS). We use the stochastic frontier model for measuring the job aspiration and testing its effect on the job satisfaction. Fstochastic frontier model is introduced to explain that each company potentially produces less than it might due to a degree of job aspiration, measured by decomposing the residuals. In this model framework, it can be regard that the upper bound of the job satisfaction is the ideal frontier, and the bias between the ideal condition and the reality is the job aspiration. If this concept is applicable to the job aspiration, we can measure this bias and investigate a relationship with the job satisfaction. We find that there exists the job aspiration, and it is significantly negatively correlated with the job satisfaction. This result supports that if job aspiration increases, job satisfaction level decreases.


1. 서론
2. 연구 방법
2.1 분석자료
2.2 종속변수
2.3 독립변수
2.4 분석모형
3. 연구 결과
4. 결론 및 논의
5. References


  • 이재희 Jaehee Lee. 육아정책연구소
  • 임성준 Sung-Jun Lim. 중앙대학교 심리학과
  • 박진백 Jinbeak Park. 한국감정원


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