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A Study on the Safety Management Plan to Prevent Safety Accident Escalator User

김범상, 박범

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The number of elevators in Korea has surpassed 700,000 units in 2019, which is the 8th in the world by number of installed units and 3rd in the world by new units. The word 'lift' is a representative word, and the category includes elevators, escalators, dumb waiters, and moving walks. Those who live in the city will experience using elevators once or twice a day, and these elevators are becoming an indispensable means of transportation when using high-rise apartments or subways. However, such a convenient elevator also has a lot of risks that threaten the safety of the user and actually cause many accidents every year. In particular, escalators (including moving walks), which account for as little as 5% of all elevators, account for 70% of all elevator accidents. According to Heinrich's chain of thought theory, accidents are caused by a combination of factors, which are divided into five stages: Stage 1: Genetic Factors and Social Environment, Stage 2: Individual Defects, Stage 3: Unsafe behavior and Unsafe conditions, Stage 4: Accident, Stage 5: Injury. Heinrich said that three of these five phases, unsafe behavior and unsafe conditions, require safety management and efforts to prevent accidents. In escalator accidents, the analysis of accident cases that have occurred so far will be related to unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions, and the effective management of these causes of accidents will enable safer and more convenient use of escalators. This study analyzed accident cases of elevator users, focusing on escalator accidents over the last 10 years (2010 ~ 2019), and safety management to prevent safety accidents of elevator users by analyzing the behavior of actual users and questionnaires of experts in related fields. The method was studied.


1. 서론
2. 선행연구 및 연구방법 설계
2.1 선행연구
2.2 연구방법 및 모델
3. 에스컬레이터 위험요인 분석
3.1 사고사례 분석
3.2 이용자 행태 분석
3.3 작업자 등 설문 분석
4. 결론 및 고찰
5. References


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