인적오류가 관여된 철도 사고의 체계적 분석을 위한 FRAM의 활용


A FRAM-based Systemic Investigation of a Rail Accident Involving Human Errors

최은비, 함동한

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There has been a significant decline in the number of rail accidents in Korea since system safety management activities were introduced. Nonetheless, analyzing and preventing human error-related accidents is still an important issue in railway industry. As a railway system is increasingly automated and intelligent, the mechanism and process of an accident occurrence are more and more complicated. It is now essential to consider a variety of factors and their intricate interactions in the analysis of rail accidents. However, it has proved that traditional accident models and methods based on a linear cause-effect relationship are inadequate to analyze and to assess accidents in complex systems such as railway systems. In order to supplement the limitations of traditional safety methods, recently some systemic safety models and methods have been developed. Of those, FRAM(Functional Resonance Analysis Method) has been recognized as one of the most useful methods for analyzing accidents in complex systems. It reflects the concepts of performance adjustment and performance variability in a system, which are fundamental to understanding the processes of an accident in complex systems. This study aims to apply FRAM to the analysis of a rail accident involving human errors, which occurred recently in South Korea. Through the application of FRAM, we found that it can be a useful alternative to traditional methods in the analysis and assessment of accidents in complex systems. In addition, it was also found that FRAM can help analysts understand the interactions between functional elements of a system in a systematic manner.


1. 서론
2. 이론적 배경
2.1 사고 분석 방법 개요
2.2 FRAM (기능공명 파급분석기법)
3. 실제 사고사례 분석
3.1 FRAM 기반 시스템 분석
3.2 사고 사례 분석
3.3 위험성 평가
4. 결론
5. References


  • 최은비 Eun-Bi Choi. 전남대학교 산업공학과
  • 함동한 Dong-Han Ham. 전남대학교 산업공학과


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