PVA를 이용한 산업용 모터 고장진단 모니터링 시스템의 가시성을 높이는 방법


Method for High-visibility of Online Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System for Industrial Motor using PVA

고영진, 강인원

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Industrial Motors diagnostic equipment is highly dependent on the automation system, so if there are defects in the automation equipment, it can only rely on the operator’s intuitive judgment.To help with intuitive judgment, Park’s Vactor Approach(PVA) represents the current signal as a pattern of circles, so it can tell if a fault occurs when the circle is distorted. However, the failure to judge the degree of distortion of the circle pattern is the basis of the fault, so it will face difficulties. In this paper, in order to compare the faults of PVA, the period of d-axis current of PVA pulsation was mastered, so that two phase differences occurred in the same signal source. Through experiments, it is confirmed that this is a 90 degree cross formation of PVA, which is convenient for judging from the vision that there is no fault, thus helping the operator to make intuitive judgment.


1. 서론
2. 실험환경 및 조건
2.1 실험환경
2.2 실험조건
3. PVA
4. Clarke 변환과 PVA의 관계
5. 가시성을 위한 PVA 패턴생성 방법
6. 결론
7. References


  • 고영진 Yeong-Jin Goh. 순천제일대학교 전기자동화과
  • 강인원 In-Won Kang. 청암대학교 소방안전관리과


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