인공지능 기반의 자동차사고 감지 시스템 적용 사례 분석


A Review of AI-based Automobile Accident Prevention Systems

최재경, 공찬우, 임성훈

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied to most industries by enhancing automation and contributing greatly to efficient processes and high-quality production. This research analyzes the applications of AI-based automobile accident prevention systems. It deals with AI-based collision prevention systems that learn information from various sensors attached to cars and AI-based accident detection systems that automatically report accidents to the control center in the event of a collision. Based on the literature review, technological and institutional changes are taking place at the national levels, which recognize the effectiveness of the systems. In addition, start-ups at home and abroad as well as major car manufacturers are in the process of commercializing auto parts equipped with AI-based collision prevention technology.


1. 서론
2. 조사방법
3. 인공지능 기술현황
3.1 인공지능
3.2 머신러닝(machine learning)
3.3 딥러닝(deep learning)
4. 자동차사고 감지 시스템 적용 사례
4.1 충돌방지 시스템
4.2 차량 긴급구조체계 서비스
5. 결론
6. References


  • 최재경 Jae Gyeong Choi. 울산과학기술원 경영공학부
  • 공찬우 Chan Woo Kong. 울산과학기술원 경영공학부
  • 임성훈 Sunghoon Lim. 울산과학기술원 경영공학부


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