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사람과 인공지능의 일자리 경쟁 요인과 협업 방안


Competitive Factors and Collaboration Methods for Jobs between People and AI

이광춘, 주용우

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Machines have been used simply for arithmetic operations and documentation. However, with the development of technology, a new generation of artificial intelligence has begun. Machines are not just tools that can be calculated, but they have been commercialized in various fields, such as natural language processing technology that can understand and communicate human language, or video fields, where human dependence was high. Since 2016, the AI game, “Alphago,” has defeated Lee Se-dol with a significant difference in skill, interest in AI has increased sharply. Machines have started to replace human jobs because of their excellent performance, low cost and competitive edge. In this paper, I would like to present a plan on how to use artificial intelligence to affect human jobs and how to improve productivity effectively by cooperating with machines and humans in the future.


Ⅰ. 들어가며
Ⅱ. 인공지능에 대체되는 일자리
Ⅲ. 일자리 변동 원인
3.1 소싱전략의 변화
3.2 산업용 로봇
Ⅳ. 일자리 변동 결과
4.1 생산성과 임금 격차
4.2 보울리 법칙(Bowley’s Law)
4.3 노동인력 참여율
Ⅴ. 사람과 인공지능
5.1 사람과 인공지능 비교
5.2 모라벡의 역설(Moravec’s paradox)
5.3 중국어 방 주장
Ⅵ. 사람과 기계 업무 분장
Ⅶ. 결어


  • 이광춘 Lee Kwang-Chun. 연세대학교 상경대학 응용통계학과 겸임교수
  • 주용우 Young Woo Ju. 연세대학교 상경대학 응용통계학과 학생


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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