흡착압력에 따른 수직 평판유리 변형특성에 대한 구조해석


Structural Analysis on Deformation Characteristics of Vertical Flat Glass by Adsorption Pressure

왕쩐후안, 권영철

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In this study, the flat glass and adsorption pad were modeled using SolidWorks Simulation, to understand the deformation characteristics of the vertical flat glass by the adsorption pressure during vertical transport of LCD. The horizontal and vertical displacements and equivalent stresses of the flat glass were investigated by the structural analysis. From the displacement and stress visualization according to the adsorption pressure, the higher the adsorption pressure, the larger the glass surface protruded. The horizontal deformation of flat glass increased with increasing thickness and the vertical deformation increased with decreasing thickness. In addition, the maximum equivalent stress applied to the flat glass increased significantly as the adsorption pressure increased and the thickness decreased. As a result of the structural analysis, the thinner the thickness of the plate glass, the greater the effect on the adsorption pressure. Especially, the effect of the adsorption pressure was clearly observed at the thickness of 0.5mm.


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2. 모델링 및 구속조건
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  • 왕쩐후안 Zhen Huan Wang. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sunmoon University
  • 권영철 Young-Chul Kwon. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Energy Technology Institute, Sunmoon University


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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