푸틴의 민족주의와 관련 용어의 번역


Nationalism in Putin's Speech Act : A Problem of Translation.


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Nationalism is a problem that has been a longtime political issue in the West, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining a nation-state's interest. It has also raised a semantical and translation problem among other terms which were closely linked each other; state, nation, country, government, people etc. Often combined with the Western's attacking ideologies on Russia, Putin has been blamed for his nationalism, misunderstood by the Western themselves. This study inquired into the semantical categories of nationalism by analyzing his speeches to catch up on what kind of semantical terms his own nationalism is composed of. A content analysis was applied on them, as the method which could sampled some semantical units contained in his speech The results showed as following: 1) Putin's nationalism was linked with the notion of family and economy comprising that country. 2) His notions of the state and the government were used as an instrument for the nation and the country. 3) His notion of Russia was used as an objective one but with sovereignty. Under consideration for these results, his nationalism would be more properly translated.


1. 서론
2. 민족주의의 언어적 혼란
3. 푸틴의 민족주의 분석
3.1. 분석의 대상
3.2. 분석 방법의 설명
3.3. 분석과 분석결과
3.4. 분석의 종합
4. 결론


  • 방교영 Bang, Gyoyoung. 한국외국어대학교 통번역대학원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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