국립중앙박물관 소장 〈조선통신사 행렬도〉 연구


A Study on <Joseon Tongsinsa Haengryeoldo>, a collection of National Museum of Korea


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Through Joseon Tongsinsa(通信使) Haengryeoldo, appearance of diplomatic mission dispatched to Japan can be examined. The purposes of this research are to make Korea National Museum possessed supposed to be produced by Joseon painter among them as the subject and investigate the period of production.
Until now, this work was named as and proudced in 1636. However, in consideration of the dispatching period of yangui( 良醫), 3 seogi( 書記), and 3 suyuk (首譯) that are appeared in actual work, there is an opinion to be produced after the 18th century. Based on the precedent studies, scene structure and parade structure will be examined by focusing on the Joseon Tongsinsa parade so as to reveal , a collection of National Museum of Korea.
The scene was divided by 1-3 and parade structure and direction of each composition were examined. Parade structure is total 3 lines; upper side, middle side and lower side. Among them, middle line shows wonyuk of Joseon Tongsinsa partially, so in this case, it was considered to be 2 lines. Therefore, 1 composition gisu. akdae line was 2 and 2 composition gukseogama parade was cosnidered to be same. But, 이 (triangle) structure focusing on gukseogama shows bilateral symmetry and parade structure changes 3 lines. It is shown in 3 composition samsasin gama focusing parade. Gama parade of jeongsa( 正使), busa( 副使), and jongsagwan( 從事官) is same D(pantagon) structure and gama parade of sangsanggwan( 上上官) and sanggwan(上官) is connected. Among them, sanggwan gama is repeated by 이 (triangle) structure samely.
Parade direction is left( 左向) and examined mainly in banchado of ~Joseon royal family uigue .JJ (hereinafter referred to as uigue). And banchado produced after the 18th century was compared with clothes and all sorts of medical materials of wonyuk of Joseon Tongsinsa and parade structure was examined. As a result , it was similar to Korea National Museum possessed and including Jeongjo went to Hyunryungwon , a tomb of sadoseja, located in Hwaseong, in 1795. Therefore , this work seems to follow the form of uigue published banchado and produced in the latter of the 18th century.


1. 머리말
2. 작품사례
1) 국립중앙박물관 소장 〈조선통신사 행렬도〉
2) 국립중앙박물관 소장 〈조선통신사 행렬도〉 관련 유리건판
3. 국립중앙박물관 소장 〈조선통신사 행렬도〉 제작시기
1) 화면구성
2) 행렬구성
4. 맺음말


  • 조혜인 Jo, Hye-in. 동아대학교 고고미술사학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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