宝曆度朝鮮通信使と福岡落 - 副使船事故の実相 -


Joseon Tongsinsa in Horeki Year and Fukuoka Domain - The Truth of the Vice - Envoy Ship Accident

보력도조선통신사と복강번 - 부사선사고の실상 -


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The materials on the Joseon Tongsinsa for which Korea and Japan jointly applied in March 2016 were registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World at the end of October 2017, and two years have already passed. The details registered are 333 pieces in 111 items in total from Korea and Japan. From Fukuoka Prefecture, 15 pieces in 1 item of Fukuoka Domain in Horeki Year and 6 pieces in 1 item of Ogasawara Domain. This study followed the truth of the Vice-Envoy Ship Accident from the registered record of Fukuoka Domain during the age of Horel이. The Vice-Envoy Ship Accident has been discussed in the past, but this time, discussions in Joseon’s TongsÍnsa RegÍstratÍon and Tokugawa Clan’s Tokugawa JJkkÍ and new perspectives were added to discuss that.
The Vice-Envoy Ship of Horel이 Year went up to Torodo Isobu near a big wharf in dark heavy seas, and a number of things, like the scrolls of diplomatic gifts. Arguing that the accident was because no tug boat came, Envoy Jo Eom refused to receive greetings, precious items, and food ingredients after arriving the wharf. In the meantime, Tsushima and Fukuoka Domain attempted to interview in various ways, but Jo Eom’s rage did not disappear, and the refusal continued for 4 days. There is no record of negotiation for 4-5 days in the Tsushima Domain Head Family’s Diary, either. Jo Eom who became cold-hearted thought about the subsequent things and had an interview with Sotsushimanogami. Sotsushimanogami apologized by submitting a request for reconciliation that recognized the mistake in accompaniment as protection. Opening up his heart, Jo Eom took food ingredients and precious items, etc. He asked for repairing the Vice-Envoy Ship, but it became a water supply ship and was disassembled. The members were sent back to Joseon. Renting a boat from Fukuoka Domain, he kept on taking a boat trip to Osaka.
As a result of a discussion on this Accident in various directions, it was found that Envoy Jo Eom pointed out the fault of the material of the helm of the boat and submitted a document asking the person in charge of Dongnae-bu for improvement. Viewed on both sides of Joseon and Japan, it is judged that the Vice-Envoy Ship Accident handling is a complicated man-made accident due to the boat' s structural failure (helm), Tsushima boatman’s mistake in managing the boat and low morale in addition to natural disasters such as black night, strong wind, heavy seas, and ebb tide. It is judged that Tsushima Domain that did not insist on the reason for not providing a tug boat felt the lack of the boatman’s competence. AIso, it is judged that the Tsushima Domain felt like heading to Edo as soon as possible. Joseon and Fukuoka Domain both had this same thought. The document sent to the Shogunate by Tsushima Domain and Fukuoka Domain, nothing disadvantageous for Japan and Joseon was written. Tsushima Domain made two kinds of internal records, which was the craft of diplomacy. Fukuoka Domain went through with the document that it never caused the accident, and that was unexpected(force majeure), and the document submitted to the Shogunate by Tsushima Domain was the same as that of Fukuoka Domain.
In addition, as a result of sojourning on Aizima for 24 days, a cultural interchange, rich in content was made, and Nanmei Kamei, who had been unknown, debuted at the age of 21 , recognized by Joseon Scholar Kim In-gyeom. He was a Tongsinsa sojourning for a long time, which became the cause of the extreme financial difficulties, but culturally brought about a lot of jewelry to Fukuoka Domain.


1. はじめに
2. 福岡藩領海での副使船事故に至る經緯
3. 紛爭処理(交涉經緯)
4. 副使船事故の実相
5. まとめ
6. おわりに


  • 今村公亮 Imamura Kosuke. 相島歷史硏究會事務局長ㆍ 学藝員


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