미야자키 하야오(宮崎駿)의 『바람계곡의 나우시카』(風の谷のナウシカ)에 나타난 가족관


The view of family in Miyazaki Hayao’s “Nausicaa of the valley of the wind”

히로세 에이코, 권해주

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The objective of this research is to study the view of family in Miyazaki Hayao's “Nausicaa of the valley of the wind”. The research is divided into 4 parts: 1. discussions on the historical background of the movie and the director's personal experiences, 2. study on the structure of the movie, highlighting its turning points and story line, 3. derivation and summary of the main subject of the movie, 4. study on the family values of the movie. In 1984, Japan was the world's second-largest economy. On the other hand, due to environmental pollution and economic decline by oil shocks, Japan faced the limits of industrial and economic development. And Japanese lived in the threat of the Cold War. And Since the 1980s, the unmarried rate has soared, and various other family forms such as single generation, couple-only generation, and single-parent generation maifested. So complex families and nuclear families, and defamilies were mixed in Japan then. As a result of analyzing the development and the turning point of the story, when Nausicaa became independent from her parents who were in conflict with her and realized her belief, she was able to revive and find her identity. So, it is the theme of the movie that she found her identity when she was independent from her parents entirely and practiced her beliefs. In the movie, Miyazaki agreed to defamilialozing that had new paradigm at that time in Japan. Nausicaa was cut off from her family and made her extended family. She established herself on the basis of her extended family. Finally, it was concluded that the pseudo-oriented view of family led to the nature worship view of family, and furthermore led to the view of family based on the establishment of the individual.


1. 서론
2. 본론
2.1 시대적 배경과 개인적 체험
2.2 스토리 전개양상과 전환점
2.3 주제
2.4 본 작품에 나타난 가족관
3. 결론


  • 히로세 에이코 Hirose Eiko. 경상대학교 대학원 일본학과 박사과정
  • 권해주 Gwon, Hae-Ju. 경상대학교 일어교육과 교수, 同 교육연구원 책임연구원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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