안굽이 무릎 환자의 중재방법에 관한 연구




PURPOSE : The purpose of this study was to investigate the surgical and non - surgical intervention methods for Genu varum and to provide the basic data for knee treatment METHOD : In order to understand Genu varum's intervention method, we reviewed literature based on various domestic and academic journals and experimental papers. Insufficient data is available on the website. DISCUSSION & CONCLUSION : We investigated the previous studies according to the purpose of this study and the following conclusions were obtained. 1. Genu varum is caused by the mal-alignment of the right and left sides. The factors that cause it are various, but the main cause is bad posture or wrong habit. 2. Surgical methods for the treatment of the Genu varum include medial open osteotomy and an ilizlov external fixator. These two surgical interventions are easy to perform and have few complications. 3. Non-surgical intervention methods of the Genu varum include application of exercise program including stretching, band exercise, sling exercise, manual exercise, and use of a squat exercise and an external wedge insole. Strengthening of shortened or taut tissue and weakened muscles, and reduction of the adduction moment applied to the knee joint.


Ⅰ. 서론
1. 연구의 배경 및 필요성
2. 연구의 목적
Ⅱ. 본론
1. 안굽이 무릎의 원인
2. 안굽이 무릎의 수술적 중재
3. 안굽이 무릎의 비수술적 중재
Ⅲ. 결론


  • 김유림 Kim, YuRim. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 손정 Son, Jeong. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 신희선 Shin, HeeSun. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 이승훈 Lee, SeungHun. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 장우현 Jang, YuHyun. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 허정호 Heo, JeongHo. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과
  • 김지혁 Kim, ChiHyok. 경남정보대학교 물리치료과


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