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A study on the reorganization of the curriculum for produce of field-oriented dental technicians

김재홍, 김기백, 김원수

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Purpose: The objectives of this study is to collect the opinions of experts in the field of dental lab technology, and to present a plan for reforming the curriculum for producing clinical-based dental technicians. Methods: 71 experts were selected for this study. Experts were grouped into clinicians, educators, and policy-makers. First of all, the purpose and method of this study were explained to experts. After receiving the consent to participate in the research, their opinions were investigated. The survey was conducted through a questionnaire created based on their opinions and opinions collected. Results: The results showed that they were relatively satisfied with the curriculum. In addition, it was found that they hope to increase the proportion of mandatory education of digital dentistry and clinical practice. Emphasis was placed on expanding opportunities for on-the-job training as well as on time for hands-on training. As for admission capacity, the highest opinion was to keep it as it is, followed by the need for reduction. Conclusion: It seems necessary to minimize the difference between the curriculum and the clinical field in order to produce field-oriented dental technicians. To this end, it is necessary to reorganize the operation of field-oriented subjects and to increase the practice time to improve practical skills.


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  • 김재홍 Jae-Hong Kim. 부산가톨릭대학교 치기공학과
  • 김기백 Ki-Baek Kim. 대전보건대학교 치기공과
  • 김원수 Won-Soo Kim. 대전보건대학교 치기공과


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