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The Influence of Job Stress Factors of Dental Technicians on Job Satisfaction

권은자, 한민수, 최에스더

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze dental technicians’ job stress and Job satisfaction level and to examine its correlation. Methods: A self-administered survey was conducted from September 2 to October 2, 2019, on 230 selected dental technicians. The collected data were statistical data on frequency and percentage were obtained, and t-test, one-way ANOVA, correlation analysis and regression analysis were carried out. Results: When the job stress was analyzed, there were significant differences according to their field of work, working hours(p<.05). Their average score in the items about a job stress was 3.57. As a result of analyzing the job satisfaction of the dental technicians, there were significant differences according to their working hours, plan for task continuity in dental technician(p<.05). The average score in job satisfaction items was 3.11. Conclusion: As a result of research, that as for the correlation between a job stress and job satisfaction, a higher the job stress led to lower the job satisfaction, as every variable had a significant reverse correlation with each other. In addition, physical environment, heavy workload, conflict during the work performance, personal matters were identified as the factor that exerted the influence on both of job satisfaction.


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5. 회귀분석
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  • 권은자 Eun-Ja Kwon. 혜전대학교 치기공과
  • 한민수 Min-Soo Han. 혜전대학교 치기공과
  • 최에스더 Esther Choi. 혜전대학교 치기공과


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