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A Study on subjective awareness and management status of Dental Implant Patients

이혜은, 임중재

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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for the improvement of dental care service for patient care. Methods: The survey period was from December 10, 2018 to June 10, 2019. The subjects were 180 patients who were treated with dental implant in 20 dental hospitals and clinics in Daejeon and Gyeonggi province. A total of 145 questionnaires were analyzed except for 35 copies which were unreliable or difficult to analyze. Results: The most important care method for prolonging the life time of dental implant prosthesis was the highest rate of correct brushing (39.4%), and a majority in the subjects used oral hygiene products (91.0%). With regard to discomfort after dental implant prosthesis, food particles between the teeth showed the highest response (49.7%), and discomfort with gum infections and bleeding and reduced mastication increased significantly with age (p<0.05), whereas feeling of irritation decreased significantly with age (p<0.05). Conclusion: This study is meaningful in that it approached the perception and discomfort of prosthesis from the patients’ point of view. It needs to establish the basic data to improve dental treatment service for patient care.


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4. 임플란트 보철수와 부위에 따른 불편 불만감
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  • 이혜은 Hye-Eun Lee. 경동대학교 치기공학과
  • 임중재 Joong-Jae Im. ING 치과기공소


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