3D 인쇄방법으로 제작된 치과용 다이 모델의 정확도 평가연구


A study on the accuracy evaluation of dental die models manufactured by 3D printing method


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Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy of the 3D printed die models and to investigate its clinical applicability. Methods: Stone die models were fabricated from conventional impressions(stone die model; SDM, n=7). 3D virtual models obtained from the digital impressions were manufactured as a 3D printed die models using a 3D printer(3D printed die models;3DM, n=7). Reference model, stone die models and 3D printed die models were scanned with a reference scanner. All dies model dataset were superimposed with the reference model file by the “Best fit alignment” method using 3D analysis software. Statistical analysis was performed using the independent t-test and 2-way ANOVA (α=.05). Results: The RMS value of the 3D printed die model was significantly larger than the RMS value of the stone die model (P<.001). As a result of 2-way ANOVA, significant differences were found between the model group (P<.001) and the part (P<.001), and their interaction effects (P<.001). Conclusion: The 3D printed die model showed lower accuracy than the stone die model. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the performance of 3D printer in order to apply the 3D printed model in prosthodontics.


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  • 장연 Yeon Jang. 진주보건대학교 치기공과


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