조선의 김덕성과 일본의카츠시카 호쿠사이의 비교연구 -雷公圖와 文昌星圖를 중심으로-


A Study on the comparison of Kim Duk-sung and Hokusai Katsushika

조선의 김덕성과 일본의카츠시카 호쿠사이의 비교연구 -뇌공도와 문창성도를 중심으로-


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“A Study on the comparison of Kuixing in paintings between Kim Duk-sung and Hokusai Katsushika” presents the comparative analysis between Kim Duk-sung’s “God of Thunder” and Hokusai’s “Moon Chang-sung”. Although the two paintings have different titles, the common elements; a posture of raising one leg and looking up into the sky with a brush in the right hand and an ink bottle in the left hand. shown in the paintings show that they modeled the Chinese Kuixing. Kuixing is a universally unknown god for both Korea and Japan. The reason why the two painting got different name was because Hokusai confused Kuixing as a god of Moon and the Japanese introduced Kim Duk-sung’s painting as a god of thunder. There are two distinct differences between the two paintings. The first is how to express inhumanity. Kim Duck-sung revealed the characteristic of inhumanity, emphasizing the abnormal head and the whites of the eyes. Hokusai, on the other hand, accentuated through the red skin and the animal’s fingertips. The other difference is the movement of Kuixing. In Kim’s painting, Kuixing is holding a brush and a bowl and staring up to the sky, while Kuixing in Moon-Changdo is looking up at the constellation. This study contains the similarities and differences of these two paintings and further notes the feature distinguished from China.




1. 머리말
2. 김덕성의 뇌공도와 후쿠사이의 문창공도
3. 중국의 괴성과 두 작품
4. 김덕성과 호쿠사이의 비교
5. 마무리



  • 노성환 No, SungHwan. 울산대학교 인문대학 일본어·일본학과 교수, 비교민속학


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