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The effects of factors of major commitment on the decision of academic dropout of the dental technology students of K university

권순석, 이선경

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Purpose: This experiment aims to provide the fundamental resources in developing a programme intended to prevent students from dropping out of their academics by promoting students to develop an optimistic psychological state, through analysis of the factors that influence students’ commitment to their major. Methods: A self-administered questionnaire was conducted from 19th of November of the year 2018, till 1st of December of the same year, with dental technology students located in W city as the subject. 261(93.2%) of the participants’ responses were used for the final analysis. Results: A negative association between factors of commitment to major and factors of academic dropout decision were portrayed to be of statistical significance (p<.01), and factors of commitment to major that influence dropping out of their academics were shown to be that of ‘autotelic experience’ (p<.001) with a negative ( - ) relationship, and ‘change in a sense of time’ (p<.01) with a positive ( + ) relationship of statistical significance, while the explanatory power of the model was shown to be 33.6%. Conclusion: In order to prevent dental technology students from dropping out of their academics, following their entrance, To achieve this, the department must consider the implementation of, aside from subject matters of the major, other various extra-curricular programmes, and programmes in which the supervisor is consistently providing consultations that are tailored to each individual student.


I. 서론
II. 연구 방법
1. 연구대상
2. 연구도구
III. 결과
1. 일반적 특성
2. 전공몰입 요인과 학업 중도포기 요인
3. 일반적 특성과 전공몰입 요인
4. 전공몰입 요인과 학업 중도포기 요인 간의 상관관계
5. 전공몰입 요인들이 학업중도 포기에 미치는 영향
IV. 고찰
V. 결론


  • 권순석 Soon-Suk Kwon. 경동대학교 치기공학과
  • 이선경 Sun-Kyoung Lee. 경동대학교 치기공학과


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