건강가정지원센터 홍보 및 시설에 관한 연구


A Study on PR and Facilities for the Healthy Family Support Center

장진경, 오재은, 한은주, 류진아, 원소연

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The purpose of this study was to survey actual condition of a municipal Healthy family Support Center(HFSC) for establishing. 46 subjects were surveyed with a questionnaire about PR and facilities of Healthy Family Support Center. For this study, not only a survey was collected 46 subjects bust also a spot inspection was executed to 8 municipal Healthy Family Support Centers. This study revealed following results: first, the mass media(TV, news paper), internet home page, pamphlet are effective medium. Management of PR activities in the HFSC is consider as one of the main factor to decide development and survival in social community. Therefore HFSC should search fur various method and system of PR. Secondly, the size and facilities of HFSC should be designed according to the specific characteristics of HFSC equipped with office-room, conference room, lecture hall, general/special counseling room, group classroom. Results from this study might be contributed to operate a municipal Healthy Family Support Center in the near future.


  • 장진경 Chang, Jin-Kyung. 숙명여자대학교 가정아동복지학부 부교수
  • 오재은 Oh, Jae-Eun. 백석대학교 상담대학원 조교수
  • 한은주 Han, Eun-Joo. 서울시 동작구 건강가정지원센터 교육팀장
  • 류진아 Ryu, Jin-A. 한국청소년상담원 상담조교수
  • 원소연 Won, So-Yeon. 숙명여자대학교 가정관리학과 박사과정


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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