Analysis of the Problem of fire Qualification Information and Employment Information Due to Incomplete Information in the Job Search Process




This study analyzes the problems of fire qualification information websites and job search websites due to incomplete information in the job search process and suggests an improvement plan. It has been confirmed that the main reason for the cost of job searching is incomplete information required for a job search and job search through existing analysis. As a result, it is suggested to construct a smooth information system for economic entities and to provide easy access to information by mitigating the incompleteness of information. Based on this, analysis of the problems of Korean qualifications in the firefighting realm reveals that there is a qualification holder information and a job information site, and a qualification holder management system is established but only information of either qualification acquisition information or employment information is provided. In addition, it is easy to access information through a qualification acquisition information and employment information site via the Internet, but there are inconveniences that qualification acquisition information and employment information are dualized. In order to improve this, it is necessary to build a new customized integrated qualification management system that covers existing Q-net qualification acquisition information and worknet employment information.


1. Introduction
2. Problems of obtaining information about firefighting qualifications and employment information due to incomplete information
2.1 Limitation of Information Caused by Information Either on Hiring Only or Job Searching Only
2.2 Two Different Sources of Information about Getting Qualifications and Getting Jobs
3. Improvement Plan of Firefighting Qualification Information and Employment Information
4. Conclusions


  • Ha-Sung Kong Dept. of Fire Protection and Disaster Prevention, Woosuk Univ


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