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『백만장자를 위한 공짜 음식』에 나타난 한국계 미국인에 대한 특징


A Study on the Komerican Novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』


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The purpose of this paper is to criticise the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』, which is the work of Komerican 1.5 generation novelist Min Jin Lee. In this novel the author shows the life of female character Casey Han, through narration of the process of job hunting and love. In the preface I clarified the difference of Komerican community in comparison of the other Korean commuinities of foreign countries such as Japanese Korean and Chinese Korean in north-east district of China, and the Old Russian Korean in the Middle East Asia. In chapter 2 of this paper I argued the characteristics of the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』 in the point view of the author. In the results of this, the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』 included the many authorial elements. Min Jin Lee had immigrated America in 1976 with her parents and she graduated the Ivy-League University and Law School of George Town, so she was the Lawyers. But she was sick, so she became novelist. This author’s biography was transferred in this novel. In chapter 3 I argued the structure of the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』. This work showed the lives of the complex layers of Korean American. Especially Casey Han, the main character of the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』, who was the graduate of Princeton and navigated Manhattan, seeked the meaning of valuable life. And in the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』 the author narrated the life of her friend Ella, who has always been the good Korean girl, in the process of the wedding and the delivery of baby and divorce. The Novelist Min Jin Lee compared the characters, Casey and Ella, and Ella’s ambitious Korean husband and his Caucasian mistress, Casey’s White fiance, and then Korean boyfriend. All of this are the reality of Komerican life in New York city and in America. 13 In conclusion, in the novel 『Free Food For Millionaires』 the novelist Min Jin Lee had narrated the problems of Korean American Community. So she described the problems of the Immigrant Society American : the problem of the class, society, and identity. In especial the narration of the female characters of the her novel, she had presented the discrimination of the female in the respect of the female. As my thoughts this is the good result and the limitation of the work.


1. 들어가며 – 이민 1.5 세대 한국계 미국인의 문제성
2. 교포 작가의 존재 방식과 소설적 대응
3. 다민족 사회 미국에서의 차별과 정체성, 그리고 사랑
1) 이민자 가정에서의 세대 갈등과 정체성
2) 1.5세대 여성의 이중성과 사랑
4. 맺는 말


  • 이익성 Lee, Ick- seong. 충북대학교 국어국문학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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