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Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy: Nonviolent Resistance to Recover the Full Rights of Workers


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Shelley always showed a keen interest in the impact of British politics. In 1819 and 1820, he wrote several poems that were a direct response to political events in England. The Mask of Anarchy deals with the Peterloo Massacre and argues for nonviolent resistance. The Peterloo Massacre was the beginning of a British workers’ rally demanding an improvement in economic, political and social conditions. In The Mask of Anarchy, Shelley insists that conflicts should be resolved peacefully in a proper and reasonable way without rioting and violence. Shelley’s beliefs in nonviolent resistance have had a great impact on Thoreau, Gandhi, Russell and others and have had positive effect in many societies. In addition, nonviolent resistance has a high success rate due to positive effects such as respecting human dignity, voluntary participation and diversity of methods. Consequently, it is proved that Shelley’s nonviolent resistance is a peaceful and effective way to resolve the universal conflicts of mankind not only in the nineteenth century problems in England but also in the modern day ones that we face today.


I. 시작하는 말
II. 기득권 세력 위주의 정치로 인한 피폐한 노동자의 현실과 저항
III. 온전한 변화를 위한 비폭력 저항
IV. 비폭력 저항의 파급과 사회에 미친 긍정적 효과
V. 끝맺는 말
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