Strategy Design to Protect Personal Information on Fake News based on Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence




The emergence of new IT technologies and convergence industries, such as artificial intelligence, bigdata and the Internet of Things, is another chance for South Korea, which has established itself as one of the world’s top IT powerhouses. On the other hand, however, privacy concerns that may arise in the process of using such technologies raise the task of harmonizing the development of new industries and the protection of personal information at the same time. In response, the government clearly presented the criteria for deidentifiable measures of personal information and the scope of use of deidentifiable information needed to ensure that bigdata can be safely utilized within the framework of the current Personal Information Protection Act. It strives to promote corporate investment and industrial development by removing them and to ensure that the protection of the people’s personal information and human rights is not neglected. This study discusses the strategy of deidentifying personal information protection based on the analysis of fake news. Using the strategies derived from this study, it is assumed that deidentification information that is appropriate for deidentification measures is not personal information and can therefore be used for analysis of big data. By doing so, deidentification information can be safely utilized and managed through administrative and technical safeguards to prevent re-identification, considering the possibility of re-identification due to technology development and data growth.


1. Introduction
2. Related Works
2.1 Personal Information
2.2 Deidentification
3. Designing Deidentifiable Action Steps
3.1 Pre-Review
3.2 Deidentification Measures
3.3 Adequacy Assessment
3.4 Post Management
4. Data Governance for Deidentification
5. Conclusions


  • Jangmook Kang Department of Bigdata & Industry Security, Namseoul University
  • Sangwon Lee Department of Computer & Software Engineering, Wonkwang University


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