Virtual Reality Image Shooting for Single Person Broadcasting with Multiple Smartphones



Nowadays, one-person media broadcasting has become popular, and with the progress of this popularity, multimedia techniques which can support such broadcasting are also becoming more and more advanced. One of the most emerging multimedia technique used in this field is the virtual reality technology which sets the one-person media broadcasting environment as a virtual reality environment. However, as such an environment requires instruments of high cost, it is not easy for normal individuals to constitute such environments. Therefore, in this paper we propose how to construct virtual reality-like panoramas with a multiple of smartphones. For this purpose, we designed a special rig which can hold firmly 8 smartphone cameras which have overlapping view of the environment such that panorama stitching becomes possible. To reduce the computation cost, we precomputed the homography matrices, and used 1-D pointer structures to store the computed coordinate values.


1. Introduction
2. Construction of rig for VR image shooting
3. VR Image reconstruction process
4. Conclusion


  • Sutanto Edward Budiman Dept. of Computer Engineering, Dongseo University, Korea
  • Suk-Ho Lee Dept. of Computer Engineering, Dongseo University, Korea


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