혼술 경험자의 일반적 음주행태 및 혼술 행태 분석


An Analysis of Solitary Drinker's General Drinking Behaviour and Solitary Drinking Behaviour

박여진, 오유미, 양유선

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Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate solitary drinker's general drinking behaviour. Also, this study aimed to compare solitary drinker's solitary drinking behaviour according to their risk level of general drinking behaviour. Methods: The subjects of this study consisted of the 2,011 Korean adults whose ages were between 19-69 years. A self-administered online survey was conducted, and the questionnaire was comprised of general characteristics of subjects, general drinking behaviour, solitary drinking behaviour. This study analysed cross-sectional data using an independent t-test and chi-square test. Results: 61.3% of 2,011 subjects had an experience of drinking alone. The results find statistically significant difference in the gender, age, households, education level and jobs between drinking alone and not. Drinkers who had experience of drinking alone had a significantly higher rate of annual alcohol drinking, frequency of drinking, alcohol consumption in the single occasion and harmful use of alcohol than drinkers who didn't have experience of drinking alone. Subjects who had harmful use of alcohol behaviour preferred a beverage with high alcohol content for solitary drinking. They also had a higher frequency of drinking, alcohol consumption in a single occasion, the harmful use of alcohol in a solitary drinking situation. Conclusion: A solitary drinking behaviour is associated with general drinking behaviour, especially their harmful use of alcohol. This study tried to investigate a new drinking culture. Studies that reflect mental health factors and psychological factors associated with alcohol use are needed for future research.


I. 서론
II. 연구방법
A. 연구설계
B. 연구대상
C. 연구변수
D. 자료분석
Ⅲ. 연구결과
A. 대상자의 인구사회학적 특성
B. 대상자의 일반적 음주행태 및 혼술 경험
C. 대상자의 혼술 경험에 따른 인구사회학적 특성
D. 대상자의 혼술 경험에 따른 일반적 음주 행태
E. 혼술 경험자의 일반적 음주행태 위험수준에 따른 혼술 상황에서의 음주행태
Ⅳ. 논의 및 결론
A. 논의
B. 결론


  • 박여진 Yerjin Park. 한국건강증진개발원
  • 오유미 Yumi Oh. 한국건강증진개발원
  • 양유선 Yuseon Yang. 국민건강보험공단


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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